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The Franchise Edge is a company formed by Entrepreneurs FOR Entrepreneurs.

We currently own successful businesses including a number of high volume restaurants and chains. Our Partners are not merely consultants telling you how and why you should operate your business, we are REAL OPERATORS with REAL LIFE franchise growth and operations experience.

Collectively we have decades of experience developing Franchise Concepts and Companies for ourselves and clients around the Planet!

What We Do

The Franchise Edge offers a full suite of Franchise Development Services.  We  provide you with the exact documentation, systems, training and guidance to replicate your business successfully and cost effectively through franchising.  We will:

  • Evaluate the franchisability of your business
  • Be a one stop solution for everything you need to franchise
  • Provide an affordable fixed price program with progress payments that fits your needs

We have grown The Franchise Edge by providing our clients with an experienced team, dependable services, and steady trusted guidance. We look forward to learning more about how we can assist you in growing your business.

Is Your Business Franchisable?

“Your business is not ready to franchise.” That is the message we give to most of the businesses that contact us. That may not be good for our business but it is the truth that many other franchise consultants will not tell you.

But every business is unique and there are many businesses that we talk to who are ready to franchise, so what is the difference and how can you tell if your business is ready? There are a number of factors that we look at when we evaluate the franchisability of a business, all of which can be broken down into three categories: Concept, Operations and Financial.

Things we consider when looking at the concept include:
  • Appeal of the product to a broad market

  • Is the market for the product growing or saturated?

  • Competitive advantages

  • Branding

Operational expertise is demonstrated by:
  • Systems in place

  • Training programs

  • Multi-unit experience

Financial considerations include:
  • Profitability of the business

  • Good business for franchisee and franchisor

  • Desired return on investment for franchisee

As a business owner, you will always be improving things and if you wait until you have everything “together” you will miss out on opportunities that franchising provides. There is a balance between being ready to franchise and having it “all together”. Many of the loose ends of the business are addressed during the franchising process as we standardize your procedures, marketing, hiring and other aspects of the business that a franchisee will need.

Our free Franchise Feasibility Analysis will answer these questions and provide you with our recommendations.

Franchise Business Modeling

We thoroughly review your existing business to arrive at the model right for you and your business.

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Trademark Attorneys

Our Trademark Attorneys will ensure your Trademark is properly owned and protected before we begin the franchise process.

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Franchise Marketing Plan

Our franchise consultants evaluate the top eight methods of attracting franchisees.

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Franchise Sales

We can perform the Sales process for you or train your own staff on how to successfully sell franchises.

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A modern website and solid SEO is critical to your online success. We can help.

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Operations Manuals

A solid manual is at the heart of any successful franchisor. We will develop manuals for your franchisees that ensure their success.

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Recent Brands we’ve helped

“The franchising process was somewhat foreign to us and at first we weren’t really sure if we understood the value in what we received from The Franchise Edge. But once we started working with them they assisted with everything from finances, strategic business development, corporate structure, marketing and franchise launch. We realized TFE made the whole process as simple as receiving a beautifully wrapped gift. Everything fits in the package, then comes the wrapping paper and then it is topped off with a big red bow. The whole process could not have been handled more efficiently and effortlessly.”

Barbara Guterman -President, StretchAlicious

I spoke to The Franchise Edge about my desire to expand my unique home based business. Their hard work allowed me to bring Power Hydrodynamics to market as a franchise and they assisted me in all aspects of my business including financials and the selection of territories. They have been there all the way through to launch. I am grateful to have The Franchise Edge team behind me and my business.

William Power III -Founder & CEO, Power Hydrodynamics

We were in the concept stage of our business with our franchise attorney when we met the team from The Franchise Edge. They helped us from start to finish with our business model, our documents AND delivered a quality operations & procedures manuals. You cannot put a price on the value, service and guidance they provided us during the development stage of our unique business.

Stewart & David Pikoff -Founders, Games 2 U

Because of the hard work and dedication of The Franchise Edge we have become the #1 crepe franchise in the US and internationally. TFE reformatted our UFDD, helped us design and implement a sales process for our franchise and made it possible for us to launch our franchise internationally by converting all of our documents from English to Spanish. In 18-months we were able to sell 23 domestic units and 10 international units.

Chris Hoffman -Founder & CEO, Crepe Maker