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Depending on your needs, we can work with you to add the necessary content to promote your franchise opportunity or we can work with you to rebrand your entire site. If you don’t have a website, we will develop a franchise website that includes consumer information for your customers as well as a section related to your franchise offering.  Providing your prospective franchisee with as much information about your franchise opportunity as possible, will help franchise candidates form questions prior to talking with you.  We will assist you with all the necessary copy for your franchise section, develop a Franchise Kit and ensure that the franchise section of your website is optimized to take full advantage of search results on the major search engines.

The Importance Of Having a Well Branded Website For Your Franchise Opportunity

Besides the obvious advantages of having a website for your business, a website adds credibility to your franchise offering.  As potential franchisees begin the process of learning more about you and validating your brand, one of the first actions they will take is to visit your site. The initial impression and the information that you provide on your website will help them in determining if they would like to learn more.   These days most people will go online and research your company and franchise opportunity before they pick up the phone to talk to you.   Our goal is to ensure that  your site provides as much content and information to the prospect as possible.   A website that is attractive, well-branded and provides the franchise prospect with an abundance of information will prepare them to ask good questions to your franchise sales team when then do contact you.

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