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Sales Team

The Franchise Edge has a great deal of experience with selling franchises after all the legal documents and manuals and modeling has been completed. One of the criteria that we consider during the modeling of your franchise offering is profiling who is your ideal franchise candidate. This will help you determine which platforms to choose to advertise your franchise system.

Before you choose the franchise advertising methods that are best for your brand you will need to out-line a strong sales process that will guide you as you begin to generate franchise leads. This clearly defined process will aid and guide your sales team or an outsourced sales team as leads are generated. We will discuss both options and give you the opportunity to talk with our sister company, The Franchise Sales Solution.

A strong sales process will include a franchise website that is complete with calls to action, videos and information that will propel and candidate to want to learn more about your opportunity. Once they have made an inquiry, it is the job your sales team to help them walk through informational gates and validate what they have learned. Our team will assist you in the set up of your website and processes.

Annette Samson

Franchise Sales

Ms. Samson has extensive sales and marketing experience, having worked as a national account manager and data consultant with MCI Worldcom. More recently, she has managed the sales development process for a retail wine franchise and an emerging toy chain.

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