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The Franchise Edge offers a comprehensive solution to assist you in every aspect of your franchising program, allowing you to launch your franchise quickly and economically. The combination of our corporate staff and industry partners enables us to provide the resources necessary to simplify your franchising process. Regardless of your industry or existing corporate structure, we are able to tailor our franchise program to fit your specific needs.

The Franchise Edge’s goal is to work with you and your team to create a franchise development program that enables you to achieve your goals. We provide all the services you need to franchise your business including:

Before we every work with a business we perform a free Franchisability Analysis to ensure that your business is ready to be franchised based on the business model as well as the profitability for both the franchisee and the franchisor.
To determine the best structure for your franchise program, TFE will research competing and similar franchises to provide a competitive analysis of your franchise program. This will allow you to properly position your franchise against the competition.
The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is the legal document that provide the franchisor the ability to offer their franchise to potential franchisees. But it is much more than just a legal document. It must be properly structured to incorporate the areas that are addressed during the Franchise Modeling stage, including financial aspects of the business, quality control procedures, operating systems and marketing decisions.

Franchising is regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on a federal basis. There are also twenty-three states that add their own regulatory requirements for franchising. We assist you in navigating through these requirements and ensuring that you are compliant with all legal requirements.

The Franchise Strategic Plan summarizes the key components of the franchise program as well as five-year financial projections for both the franchisor and the franchisee with a staffing plan for your franchise support staff.

Franchise Operations Manuals provide the internal procedures for establishing and operating a franchised business. There are six sections to your Franchise Operations Manual including the Introduction to Franchising, Establishing Your Business, Site Selection and Construction, Human Resources, Daily Operations and Marketing. We work with you to combine your existing operational materials with best practices from other businesses to create Operations Manuals designed for your business and to train and support your franchisees.

The greatest franchise concept in the world is only as good as your ability to promote the franchise to potential franchisees. We develop a lead generation strategy geared toward your franchise. Our first step is always to capitalize on your current customers who are potential franchisees through in store marketing and social media. From there we work with you to identify your growth strategy and goals and develop a marketing campaign designed around your budget and growth goals combined with best practices for generating and closing your franchise leads.

Telling the story about your franchise and your unique selling features of the franchise are conveyed to potential franchisees through your franchise marketing materials. We create the message for the marketing section on your website that includes the story of your franchise, as well as FAQs and contact forms for potential franchisees. Your franchise brochure is also included and is an eight-page brochure that can be utilized as a PDF for emailing or printed to be used as a takeaway item for potential franchisees.

Who is your ideal franchisee and how do you sell them on your franchise verses others they are looking at? These questions and more are address through our sales training as we review the Do’s and Don’ts of franchise sales and the franchise sales process.

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The Franchise Edge was established in 2005 because we knew there was a need for full service franchise consulting services that provide all the needed services but at a fraction of the price of that other firms charge. More than a decade later that continues to be our philosophy and our client portfolio serves as a testimony to its effectiveness.

Our pricing model is:

Fixed Price

We give you a price up front and that is the price you pay with no additional charges to nickel and dime you as we go along. We never have and never will charge anyone more than what we quote them.

Progress Based

We don’t collect a large up-front fee, instead we have an initial payment with future payments tied to the completion of our work.

Flexible Terms

We can work with you to put together a payment plan that fits your budget.