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Franchise Attorneys

Legal services are an important part of the franchise development process. While we believe that attorneys are great at practicing law, we do not believe they are great at providing franchise development services. The Franchise Edge models the franchise opportunity around a number key indicators.  The research that we perform on the competitor analysis coupled with the time we spend really  understanding  your current business model is used  to create the right system for your franchise business.  Once we have considered all factors and established the parameters for your franchise offering,  do we turn the information over to the attorneys for them to do what they do best – ensuring the necessary legal protection is provided for the franchisor client. This two-tiered process creates a system of checks and balances between the business and legal aspects of your franchise program.

Our affiliation with one of the top franchise attorneys in the world ensures that you will have franchise documents that are well written and accurate to protect you as the franchisor.  The franchise attorney will work with you to coordinate filings with the appropriate sate agencies to ensure that you are in compliance so you can begin the franchise sales process.

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