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Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions.

Will I lose control of my business?

One of the main advantages of operating in a franchise system is that you have control over the entire system of franchisees. What many business owners don’t consider when opening additional company-owned units is that they can’t be in two places at once. Because your franchisees are financially invested owners who are required to operate within the parameters outlined in the franchise agreement, you have greater control than if you opened additional units and relied on managers to operate them.

I have heard that franchising is expensive?

We understand operations, marketing and advertising – but most importantly we understand cash flow and the cash requirements necessary to expand your business. With that in mind, we will tailor your Franchise Program to meet your specific needs and budget. In most cases, we can have you ready to begin selling franchises in as little as 90 days, so you can quickly begin experiencing the financial rewards of franchising. We also offer extended payment terms to meet the cash flow demands of any business owner.

Do I need to have all my operating procedures documented before I franchise?

It would be great if you had all your procedures in place. In reality, most of the companies that we work with are so involved in the day-to-day operation of the business that they don’t have time to put what is in their head on paper. Our disciplined approach and experience enables us document your business procedures and processes in an organized, coherent format.

There are a number of businesses that are similar to mine. Will my model succeed as a franchise?

Our Free Business Evaluation & Consultation will evaluate if your business is ready to be franchised. It will cost you about 60 minutes of your time to find out if you are ready. In our experience, for each business that we see that works as a franchise opportunity, there are two others that don’t.

Should I wait to franchise until I have multiple locations opened?

We will need your focus to develop your franchise program and your future franchisees will need your focus to assist them as they operate their businesses. We know from experience that growing and operating corporate locations while attempting to franchise can have a negative impact. It takes your focus away from the franchise system and has the potential to cause both you and your franchisees to suffer from the lack of attention.

How long should I be in business before I consider franchising?

There is no one answer to this question. If your business has been profitable and will generate a return on a franchisee’s investment after deducting a royalty, then you very well may be ready to begin franchising. As a rule of thumb, you should have been in business for one year with a solid financial track record so that potential franchisees can better evaluate the opportunity. But there are also exceptions to this rule, as proven by current franchisors who have sold hundreds of units despite starting their franchise program within the first year of their business’s operation. Consequently, we feel that having proven business results and a successful business model are more important factors than your time in business. Our Free Business Evaluation & Consultation can help answer this question.

Will I need to hire additional staff immediately to support my new franchisees?

No. Franchising is a gradual growth process and your initial franchisees can usually be supported with your existing staff. However, you will eventually need to expand your support staff. How quickly and how many support staff you will add will be based upon where you plan on growing and how fast you intend to grow. As part of your franchise business plan, we will model the stages of the business cycle and show when you will need to add staff and which staff you will need as your system grows. This analysis also details the incremental costs of the new positions.

Is franchising as profitable as owning the stores myself?

Simply stated, franchising allows you to use other people’s money and time to grow your business. In addition, royalty payments from your franchisees create a guaranteed revenue stream for the life of the franchise agreements. Powerful!

I have heard franchising is complicated, what should I expect?

Franchising is not complicated provided you have the right team supporting you. Our initial two-day client startup meeting will help us to understand your business model and provide the basis for your franchise program. Following that two-day meeting, you will have weekly contact with our team to review information related to the different components of the franchise program. The operations manual is usually the most time-consuming aspect. Depending on how well documented your systems are, the completion of this piece may require a few months in order to avoid disruption to your daily business operations.

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